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Here at DPW we operate 5    seats of Unigraphics,  2 for design and 3 for CNC programming. We have been using CAD/CAM since the early 80's, so consequently we are very experienced at it.


Over the years we have upgraded to keep pace with changing technology. Most recently we have added PC workstations running Windows NT and Unigraphics version 15 soon to be 16. These upgrades have allowed us to consistently increase speed and accuracy when producing pattern tooling. We have also been able to save our customers time and money by upgrading to faster computers and more efficient software.















Our machines can tackle jobs of any size. Communication between are workstations and CNC machines is achieved through a DNC link. This link allows the CNC machines to accept data as it's needed.    


CNC Equipment:

DPW has 7 CNC machines running, all with automatic tool change. They run day and night shifts. 


1 Viking: Work envelop~98x60x26


1 Mazak v15: Work envelop~59x25x21


2 Mazak v10's: Work envelop~39x20x20


1 Mazak v7.5: Work envelop~30x16x18


1 OKK-40: Work envelop~22x16x16


1 OKK-55: Work envelop~40x22x20




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